our services

sound design from script. we focus on recording original sound elements with which to design and ensure that each project has a unique sonic identity. constantly exploring new techniques ensure our continued creation of creative sound design.  

foucing on capture production dialogue with state-of-art equipment to ensure each project has a best sonic quality 

our post-production supervisor oversee all stage of the project, with detailed budgeting, planning and preparation to ensure project delivery on time with best quality. 

We work closely with productions as early as development to allow productions to decentralise their post, enabling them to engage with the talent they want regardless of location. All whilst maintaining a high-end, tightly integrated and rock-solid pipeline regardless of geography.

we provide dubbing,  ADR, dialogue supervision for original and foreigner language project.  from voice direction, casting and script to translation. ensure the highest quality performances, working on blockbuster movies, tv animation, games, podcast, whilst working with prime director, production companies, major studio all over the world. 

Our localization team provides service from casting, Video Art, Subtitling, QC services to dubbing service in Cantonese (Yue) , Taiwan Mandarin, China Mandarin (zh-CN) as well as Malay and English. We also undertake audio mixing in over 10 languages for a host of major studio clients who require international re-versioning services for worldwide day and date releases.

Our professional translation  team provides script translation, AD script, script adaption and script supervising.

with our own foley facilities and  foley artist , cinedigit  also collaborate with the industry’s most talented and creative foley artists, to seamlessly create believable soundtracks

works with the world’s most renowned mixer and facilities, mixing feature films and remote project worldwide. we handle pre-mixing and final mixing on project including film, commercials, tv programme, podcast in 2.0, 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos 

our production and post-production service, ranging from complete package down to individual service.

  • production and post-production supervising
  • production sound recording
  • location Q-take service
  • DIT
  • ADR supervising
  • dialogue editing
  • sound design & sound effects
  • foley
  • mixing / versioning
  • video offline editing
  • Vfx
  • Subtitling
  • conform
  • Dolby Vision (Home)
  • color grading
  • DCP master

from old sound tracks to poor recording sound, we offer audio a second life 

final cut pro,  daVinci resolve, premiere and avid media composer at your service

Creation, distribution and storage of encrypted or unencrypted Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) & Key Delivery Messages (KDMs). We work with Films, Documentary, Theatrical TVC and deliver to cinemas